A Christmas Carol by the High Court

Any solicitor’s office in the country (except the Strand).
So, Ms Peasant you have been sacked because you are pregnant and you have come in for a free interview.  Typical of your sort if I may say so.
It’s so unfair.  I want to bring a claim. …

John's Labour blog - 21/12/14

Worried about paying your winter fuel bill? UNISON is “there for you”

I am very proud of  “There for you” (UNISON welfare) and the work it does for our members who are in financial hardship but we should never forget that often this hardship is caused by low pay, insecure employment and our rip off financial service…

John's Labour blog - 20/12/14

What Manchester says today, England says tomorow (Best wishes for 2015)


A strange title indeed for the last posted item of 2014, but I had to nip into the offices of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) yesterday as the organisation is on the move to a new base adjacent to the hotel it bought a couple…

Ian Manborde - 20/12/14

Cllr Peter Brayshaw

I was saddened to hear yesterday of the sudden death of Camden Councillor, Peter Brayshaw. Peter was Chair of Camden Pension Fund and a keen member of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF). I had spoken to him only a few  weeks ago at thi…

John's Labour blog - 19/12/14

Wage-busting New Year fare rises…again

Passengers returning to work after Christmas will see fares rise yet again from 2 January. Since 2010 fares have risen over two and half times faster than wages, and increased by 27% under the…

Action For Rail - 19/12/14

A national curriculum should help children flourish

By Michael J. Reiss A school curriculum is not an end in itself, but a vehicle to realise further purposes. You would think, therefore, that those who devise a national curriculum would start by…

ATL Speak Out! - 19/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: “I’m the last mother standing”

If you listen to the government, you could be forgiven for believing that women’s labour market position is better than ever before. It’s certainly true that women’s employment rate is up, and women’s unemployment rate is down. But what this positive picture of women at work doesn’t show us…

Touchstone blog - 19/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: Unions are scoring successes against casualisation

The fall in the numbers of workers covered by agreements negotiated by trade unions is the key reason for the rise in low-paid and casual jobs in the UK. In 2013, 29 per cent of working people in the…

Stronger Unions - 19/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: This exploitation of agency workers must end

Tina is a qualified further education lecturer employed through an agency which forced her to sign a permanent contract of employment. She is only paid for the time she spends teaching but not for planning or attending meetings. Because she only teaches 24 hours a week she can’t claim working tax…

Touchstone blog - 19/12/14

MEPs fight to save Europe’s air quality, women’s rights and recycling plans

Europe’s “fresh start” under the Juncker Presidency has already run into opposition from MEPs. A draft document leaked to the press last week shows that key EU environmental proposals on clean air, waste and recycling (the so-called ‘circular economy’), and stronger protection for…

Touchstone blog - 19/12/14