#DecentJobsWeek: £6 an hour pay and no security – life in a zero-hours college

When people think about poverty pay and zero-hours contracts, universities and colleges aren’t usually the first workplaces that spring to mind. So it may come as a surprise to learn that 46% of…

Stronger Unions - 17/12/14

e news 17 December 2014

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Barnet UNISON - 17/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: Time to end the two-tier workforce

If the government is to be believed we should all be feeling more secure because the numbers in employment are rising. However, the reality is very different for many in precarious work, where exploitation is the norm and there is no prospect of escape or hope that things will improve. Employers…

Touchstone blog - 17/12/14

Vince Cable: End the scandal of illegally paid care workers

220,000 care workers are being paid less than the minimum wage, thanks to their zero hours and temporary agency contracts. Sign our petition now!

Going To Work - 17/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: I love being a home care worker, but I hate the insecurity

Oh joy! Today I received a letter from HMRC stating I have been overpaid tax credits in relation to my childcare costs. I will have to pay back any money owed and may face a penalty for failure to inform them of a change in my circumstances. I would never knowingly claim money fraudulently, and…

Touchstone blog - 17/12/14

Charges rip-off: the pensions industry puts on its best innocent face

Sometimes the financial services industry resembles those feckless miscreants with a car boot full of swag who are the mainstay of the sorts of fly-on-the-wall police programmes that fill the further reaches of the Freeview spectrum. We knew there were…

Touchstone blog - 17/12/14

Spreading positive messages on migration on International Migrants Day

Wednesday 17 December is International Migrants Day, so it is appropriate that I inform you of the latest TUC project on migration. The TUC’s Migration Messaging Campaign began earlier this year to…

Stronger Unions - 17/12/14

Cake – The banker, the tabloid reader & an immigrant

This is so, so true. There are a number of versions of this anecdote and this is one of best I have seen.

Hat tip Cleveland Watkiss via Facebook “The System In A Nut-shell.#2014″.

John's Labour blog - 17/12/14

Scottish Labour’s Clause 4 moment – socialism and patriotism

Well that’s the Scottish leadership election over. There was at least a real debate about ideas and strategy and Neil Findlay’s campaign ensured that we didn’t get the coronation the system usually…

Dave Watson - 16/12/14

Barnet UNISON Christmas story courtesy of Santa “contract Claus

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Barnet UNISON - 16/12/14