CBI on TTIP: a policy based on faith and avoiding their critics

The CBI’s top leaders were in Brussels today along with the Prime Minister to help him put ‘rocket boosters’ under the increasingly unpopular Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA. They gathered a range of business organisations across…

Touchstone blog - 18/12/14

TUC Green Christmas newsletter – some bright, some sobering news

Seasonally daft and seasonally sobering news from the TUC’s latest Greenworkplaces newsletter. First up is Prospect’s new A-Z Guide to a Sustainable Christmas,  a light hearted look at Christmas through a sustainability lens…..and with a fair amount of poetic licence. It’s full of…

Touchstone blog - 18/12/14

OBR projections confirm five years of the coalition leaves households poorer

If the government are looking for reasons why the public are not sharing their enthusiasm for the condition of the economy (eg ‘Optimism about the economic recovery is in freefall’, from yesterday’s Evening Standard ), they need look little further than the Office for Budgetary Responsibility’s…

Touchstone blog - 18/12/14

Precarious recovery: Restoring decent jobs at the European level

Zero hour contracts have hit the headlines in the UK, and rightly so there are 1.4 million British workers on these contracts. But they are not just an issue here, they’re increasingly an problem across the whole of Europe too. With unemployment rates perilously high across the European Union,…

Touchstone blog - 18/12/14

Supreme Court ruling on conscientious objection and abortion

Yesterday, the Supreme Court made an important ruling on the issue of the scope of conscientious objection for healthcare professionals. The case (Greater Glasgow Health Board v Doogan and Wood) was taken by two Labour Ward co-ordinators in the Souther…

Touchstone blog - 18/12/14

International Migrants Day: overstaying and exploitation

It’s ironic that the Daily Mirror should run a story on International Migrants Day about the discovery that there are nearly twice as many people who have overstayed their visas in the country than expected – over a third of a million. Trade unionists will be concerned that those…

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Amazon-Free Challenge – Better Places to Shop

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#DecentJobsWeek: £6 an hour pay and no security – life in a zero-hours college

When people think about poverty pay and zero-hours contracts, universities and colleges aren’t usually the first workplaces that spring to mind. So it may come as a surprise to learn that 46% of…

Stronger Unions - 17/12/14

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Barnet UNISON - 17/12/14

#DecentJobsWeek: Time to end the two-tier workforce

If the government is to be believed we should all be feeling more secure because the numbers in employment are rising. However, the reality is very different for many in precarious work, where exploitation is the norm and there is no prospect of escape or hope that things will improve. Employers…

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