End exploitation of young vulnerable workers

#stuc15 The STUC will press the Scottish Government to set up and fund an STUC administered vulnerable workers’ project as part of a wide ranging strategy to end the exploitation of young vulnerable workers in the fast food and related sectors.

Delegates condemned discriminatory practices which adversely affect all low paid, unorganised workers, but which particularly impact on young workers.

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Flexible working good for life and the workforce

#stuc15 The STUC will campaign for a legal right to flexible working and will support affiliate trade unions to challenge unreasonable and discriminatory management practices.

Seconding the motion from the teaching union NASUWT, UNISON’s Maggie Cook told delegates that flexible working, when handled well, can enhance workers’ quality of life and lead to a happier and more productive workforce.

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Partnership means rights on both sides – repeal anti-union laws

#stuc15 STUC delegates slammed the attacks on equalities, employment rights and trade union freedoms and backed a UNISON led composite to continue the fight for the repeal of all anti-trade union laws.

STUC reiterated its support for the Mather Commission “Working Together” report and pledged to make sure that the fundamental principles of trade union rights, including the right to strike, are

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STUC welcomes Glasgow strikers

#stuc15 The STUC Congress in Ayr gave a standing ovation to strikers from Glasgow Council’s Homeless Service who have been on all-out strike since 31 March over pay grading. Helen Craig, Sally Currie and Stewart Graham were introduced to delegates by President June Minnery.

The 70 strikers took their own “negotiating table” to the front doors of the city chambers last week because senior

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Public contracts should demand fair treatment for workers

#stuc15 The STUC demanded an end to exploitative procurement contracts that leave workers at the mercy of low wages, poor employment practices, scams that mask employment status and zero hours contracts.

Supporting the motion UNISON Scotland’s Brenda Aitchison reminded Congress how dependent business is on the state, including the £1.4 billion funding for apprenticeships and the benefits

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