UNISON Scotland’s next Green Network meeting is this Saturday, Glasgow

Reminder for all UNISON members interested in climate change!

Come to our next Green Network meeting in Glasgow – this Saturday, 27 February.

Guest speaker Ric Lander, from Friends of the Earth Scotland, will be speaking mainly on pensions disinvestment campaigns, but will be referring also to fracking and other important policy areas.

We will be discussing what is needed now following the UNRead more…

Stop fracking and lobby for sustainable energy

#stuc15 Delegates backed a Fife TUC call to oppose fracking and underground coal gasification (UCG) until their potential impact on local communities and the environment is fully investigated and understood. Instead, the STUC will lobby for the development of sustainable energy including investment in renewables and lower carbon emissions.

This mirrors UNISON’s precautionary approach with regardRead more…