Scottish Labour Party conference

The Autumn Scottish political party conference season ends with the Scottish Labour Party in Perth.The format for UNISON is different from other party conferences because through UNISON Labour Link we are an affiliated organisation and therefore have a delegation as well as the usual stall and fringe meetings. We can and do put motions on the agenda and participate in debates. The job of UNISONRead more…

Community led public services can transform inequalities, says report

Thursday 22 October 2015

UNISON Labour Link Media Release – Launch of Commission on Health Inequalities report will take place at 22 October, 9.00am UNISON Scotland, 14 West Campbell St., Glasgow

The report of the Commission on Health Inequalities for the Scottish Labour Party calls for national leadership and community hubs to tackle health inequalities.The Commission for Health InequalitiesRead more…

UNISON supports Jeremy Corbyn in UK Labour leadership election

Wed 29 July 2015

UNISON has decided to nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership contest and Yvette Cooper as its second choice at the union’s National Labour Link committee today (Wednesday).UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said:“Jeremy Corbyn’s message has resonated with public sector workers who have suffered years of pay freezes, redundancies with too manyRead more…

UNISON Labour Link backs Dugdale and Rowley for Scottish Labour leadership

UNISON Labour Link, the
affiliated section of Scotland’s largest trade union, has given its backing to
Kezia Dugdale MSP in the contest for the next Scottish Labour leader and Alex
Rowley MSP for Deputy Leader.

Scotland Labour Link Chair Gordon McKay said:

the election of a majority Tory UK government UNISON members need a strong
Scottish Labour Party more than ever.Read more…

Statement by UNISON Scotland Labour Link on Scottish Labour Leader, Jim Murphy

Tuesday 12 May 2015

"The scale of Scottish Labour’s defeat in the General Election result last Thursday indicates the need for a radical change in approach. The problems of Scottish Labour long pre-date this election and the current leadership.

"It is unprecedented for a party leader not to stand down after such a defeat, particularly when he loses his own seat. The campaign may have beenRead more…