The site

tigmoo.co.uk is a network for collating and republishing feeds from blogs about UK trades unions, so you can subscribe to lots of union perspectives by monitoring just one feed.

Lots of unions, branches and ordinary activists are taking the opportunity to publish their own experiences and thoughts through the platform of blogging. This site scans a number of union related blogs, and republishes a list of links to everyone’s newest posts, on this site and on Twitter. Make one link (or subscribe in your RSS reader) and you don’t need to remember a dozen different links – just let the news come to you instead.

Tigmoo WTF?

“TIGMOO” is a faintly tongue-in-cheek piece of jargon, used affectionately by those on the inside to describe the UK’s union movement. It stands (sort of) for “This Great Movement Of Ours”, a common cliché from many of the great union orators of yore. However, we take pains to point out that it isn’t considered important enough for Wikipedia.