No one deserves sanctions

Unite activist and former Teeside charity boss, Jessie Jacobs speaks out against benefits sanctions   Today at 12.30pm I was stood outside Middlesbrough job centre, speaking to a crowd of people about the benefit sanctions regime. I have been taking part in Unite’s national day of action #no2sanctions.   Up until recently I was leading […]

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Fighting ‘grotesque’ sanctions

  Unite Community members today held protests against grotesque benefit sanctions outside over 75 job centres across the United Kingdom.   Millions of claimants have faced sanctions varying in length between four weeks and three years. Many are often imposed for the most trivial reasons that are beyond the claimant’s control. The unemployed, sick, disabled, […]

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Hinchingbrooke: Stark warning

That Hinchingbrooke Hospital – the first privately run NHS hospital in history—was a complete disaster was further proved today (March 18) after the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) concluded the experiment put the taxpayer at grave risk.   Private operator Circle won a contract to run the hospital for 10 years, but pulled out in January, […]

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Wages still won’t last the month

Chancellor George Osborne today (March 18) unveiled the government’s pre-election budget, calling it a triumph for working people.   In an obvious attempt to pander to the electorate, with the general election being less than seven weeks away, Osborne has raised the tax-free personal allowance threshold to £10,800 to go into effect next year after […]

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Good bosses want justice access

New research shows deep unease among employers over controversial tribunal fees brought in by the government just over a year ago.   In the face of trade union protests ministers pressed ahead with prohibitive employment tribunal fees, effectively denying workplace justice to millions. The fees are set at £250 to issue a claim and £950 […]

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Don’t ignore danger signs

Fears have been expressed that sign language interpreting services for the UK’s 100,000 deaf population could plummet, if further privatisation takes place, Unite has warned.     The union is concerned that downward pressure on costs and standards could mean that staff with fewer – or even no – qualifications could make mistakes when a […]

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‘A masterpiece of solidarity’

Attempts by the management of the Dulwich Picture Gallery to water down the visitor experience by axing 19 of the 36 gallery assistants have been brushed away.     Unite said that attempts to get rid of the knowledgeable assistants at the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery and replacing them with apprentices on training […]

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Unprecedented mobilisation

Workers across Northern Ireland engaged in a one-day strike to say ‘enough is enough – hands off our public services’.   The strike on Friday (March 13) called in response to the Stormont ‘austerity budget’, saw an unprecedented mobilisation of public sector workers across a wide range of workplaces.   “From our soundings over the […]

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Pushed to the wire

Unite’s public sector workers in Northern Ireland have had enough, writes Unite Ireland region secretary, Jimmy Kelly   Unite is joining forces with other unions to take mass strike action today (March 13) in defence of Northern Irish public services. Workers across the health, education, public transport, housing and wider public sector will be taking part in […]

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