Cyberunions Episode 91: Announcing the Punch a Nazi Challenge, Take that Ice Bucket!


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Update section

* Richard Spencer punch to the music of Born in the USA.

* Peoples Inauguration Friday night in Boston.

* Womens march Saturday in Boston over 175,000 people.

Labor section ideas

* Framing the conditions.

* Davos — themes, new tech and rise of robots, globalization and retreat of globalization. 

* Typically not supportive of right wing. They are realizing that the anti union perspective is bad for them. 

* View of what to expect under trump.

* Refinery Town book review, about forming Progressive Alliance to win locally and building an alternative to the two parties. 

Tech section

* Tech Solidaity meetings. 

* Boston experience.

* ACLU: massachusetts membe Kade Crockford spoke and highlighted the importance of secure communication and informed peopel to use Signal. Emphasis on calling elected officials and getting them to hear us, we have a tendency to not take action. FBI can hack without a warrent and the concerns it puts forward. Tech for Liberty project.

* Local organizing to hold police accountable Seecops legislation. Lots of focus on local actions. 

* National Domestic Workers Alliance: Spoke about the challenges the immigrant communities have faced and their need to begin to use better technology and communication but also shared knowing the fear many newly active people are seeing. Need to work on making sanctuary companies, in contracts and pushing company leaders. Need tech support with worker centers and working on expanding the security and privacy knowledge. 

* MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocates Coalition) spoke about the local push for supporting free legal assistance and municipal IDs for undocumented folks who cannot get state IDs.

* Labor Lawyer Spoke about the difficulty in organizing tech workers. Spoke about the ways in the US that companies use captive audience meetings to control thoughts on forming a union. But that now is the time to organize to protect our work but more importantly to protect the data that man…

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Cyberunions Podcast Episode 90: Identity politics lacks class


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Intro (0:28)

* Swimming in the lake at 8 C/ 46 F
* The site will be moving and design changes to and it will be more mobile friendly
* Steel plant in Germany and worker perspective with a more internationalist perspective
* Reminds of Capital Moves: The RCA story 
* Passing of Fidel and the end of an era
* Transition from Fidel to Trump… is it the end of Neoliberalism? Trump ‘Saving jobs in Indiana’

Main Topic (10:42)

* Threatening rise of fascism
* Giving out This Machine kills Fascists 
* The big fight of identity and class politics
* Liberals have defended identity politics and occused people bringing up class as white privilege
* SDP and Communist parties fought each other and the splits let the right come to power, we need to make sure that does not happen again
* Jacobin magazine historical map of the left in the US (PDF)
* Highlighting The Guardian newspaper covering identity politics well but not showing up to a strike
* Identity politics alone seems simple to solve but it has potential for large repercussions, LGBTQ rights comng about in the US at least is great but not everyone is on board with it where class issue is missed. 


* Capitalists don’t care about LGBTQ but they will exploit the split of the working class
* Gains in identity politics is more commonly found in the upper class
* In the film “Pride” Gay and Lesbians support the miners 
* Shows the struggle of breaking down divisions it will take us a long time but we will grow and become stronger
* Liberals stop blaming voters, instead blame the movements that failed
* We need to hold the line and defend identity politics but need to bring class into it
* The backlash is it left out half of the equation
* Socialist and revolutionary groups are seeing quite an uptick in membership and interest
* When did we ever have democracy
* Scotland shows great signs of positive changes in working class 
* The wierdness factor is still there, president is not held to conflict of interest laws
* In a bizarre state of mind of want to know what happens but we are not a game of Sims
* Spent life fighting Neoliberalism and now it is like oh shit neoliberalism might be better
* Capitalist will they oddly be in a place of ‘saving us’ in certain parts i.e. capitalist supporting LGBTQ
* Keep in mind there are splits in capitalism too
* A wait and see that we don’t want to wait and see
* The passing of Fidel thinking back on the legacy of Fidel

Tech (39:30)

* Rebuilding the commons, things have changed since we started,

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Cyberunions Podcast Episode 88 We’re Back!!

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Where have we been?
What have we done?
Where are we now?
Walton is still in Glasgow and Stephen is *not* in Mexico
Our careers and what is keeping us busy


Labourstart or Laborstart for the non-british english speakers
UNI conference and the scope of the labor movement activism online


Free software and the movements
Libreplanet & CiviCON and how it relates
Place for movements to collaborate

Popular Tech

Looking at Snapchat and how it could relate to organizing precarious workers
Ideas of opening up the API and making it more secure


Thanking Derek Blackadder
South African accent is invading Stephen’s satire dependence in The Daily Show with Trevor Noah save the conversation for another timeRead more…