Blacklisting – still going on?

A damning new report by the Scottish Affairs Committee (SAC) published on Friday (March 27), found that construction companies involved in the blacklisting scandal have hardly atoned for their sins.     It’s been six years since the Information Commissioner’s Office first discovered a database containing the names of more than 3,000 construction workers. Those […]

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‘Race to the bottom’ disease must stop

Unite closed its consultative ballot of North Sea offshore members today (March 27), and the results were resoundingly clear.   An almost unanimous 94 per cent voted in favour of proceeding to an industrial action ballot to stop the vicious attacks on jobs, pay and working time that North Sea offshore workers have suffered.   […]

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Self-driving cars — the way of the future

Are self-driving cars the future? Will connectivity and autonomous vehicles revolutionise the UK automotive industry?   After attending the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders conference on connectivity and autonomous vehicles this week, I believe the answer is yes to both questions.   A new report by KPMG for the SMMT says connectivity and autonomous […]

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Pay your tax

Activists dressed as tax collectors and doctors, accompanied by a giant piggy bank, presented a tax bill to Virgin Care on Wednesday (March 25), following the revelation that the firm continues to bid for NHS contracts despite extensive use of tax havens.     Protesters from The Peoples NHS have joined forces with UKUncut following […]

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The first live TV action of this general election was a bruising encounter. But Ed Miliband boosted Labour’s hopes and morale with a focused and passionate performance. Hell, yes, he has truly arrived on the political stage. And hell yes, he’s shown he is capable of winning this election. Miliband looked as if he is […]

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Hidden cash

That the Tory donor list is dominated by hedge funds may come as no surprise, but did you know that many of the businesses bankrolling the Conservative party sell items you might yourself have at home?   As the Mirror reported yesterday (March 25), some of the most everyday products fuel an ideology that’s determined […]

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Keeping the fight alive

The growing connection between Unite’s community and industrial members saw the unveiling of the world’s first dual-purpose trade union banner by the Derby Unite Community branch last week (March 19).   Historical images of a Derby strike pre-dating the Tolpuddle Martyrs have been combined with a 21st century communication Quick Response (QR) code. When scanned […]

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Growing opposition

A group of MPs have raised serious concerns about the risks of TTIP—the EU-US trade deal currently being negotiated in secret.   The Business, Innovations and Skills committee issued a sharply critical report of the trade deal, saying that the government needed more evidence to substantiate claims that TTIP will boost the economy by £100bn a year.  […]

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Guilty: ‘verdict’ on IDS

As part of a national day of action against benefit sanctions (March 19) Unite Community members in Southampton paraded ‘Iain Duncan Smith’ through the streets of the city before ‘jailing’ the work and pensions secretary for ‘crimes against humanity.’   Pretty strong stuff and with good reason. Unite believes the sanctions – which have seen […]

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TTIP must be opposed

A huge corporate power grab of health care and public services would have a devastating impact on UK citizens.   But that’s just what could happen if the “Trojan Horse” – an EU-US trade deal known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)–now being drawn up behind closed doors, goes ahead.   By removing “regulatory […]

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NHS – national health scandal

Two years ago, the coalition government, vowing to tackle tax avoidance, introduced new legislation that would bar tax-shy companies from procuring government contracts. Not one company has been stopped from bidding on a contract for this reason since.   Now, Unite research published on Sunday (March 23) shows that the one state service most in […]

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